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You can turn to Zelfwijzer for help with a variety of psychological issues, such as depression, burnout, problems related to grieving, the processing of a traumatic experience, identity issues, having trouble maintaining healthy boundaries, and stress or anxiety. Even when you do not have serious psychological problems but want to talk about life choices or recurring life themes in which you want to take steps, you can book a session. The same goes for if you are simply going through a difficult phase in your life and want to go over this with someone. Many people find it convenient and helpful that they can turn to Zelfwijzer with their psychological and physical complaints at the same time and do not have to consult two different practitioners.


I graduated as a clinical and health psychologist and worked with clients with 

serious and less serious problems for many years. I have worked in both formal and informal health care settings. For my graduation thesis for acupuncture school, my focus was on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and I have extensive experience with clients with psychological trauma. My style is characterized by a lot of empathy and understanding, and I am not afraid to look at the deeper feelings and pain with a client. 

As a client, you determine which goals you want to achieve.

The Chinese approach

In Chinese medicine, body and mind are seen as related and must be considered and treated as a whole. That is why there is no psychologist in Chinese medicine; the practitioner treats body and mind. An acupuncturist looks at emotional problems in light of the functioning of various organs in the body and the associated meridians through which the energy flows. With this knowledge, an acupuncturist can, for example, intervene with acupuncture in case of depression by removing blockages that create more energy flow and which have consequences for the mood…or by tackling exhaustion which has led to listlessness. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the origin of the complaints: what has caused someone to feel unwell psychologically? What is needed to solve this for the future as well?

The Combined approach

If you turn to Zelfwijzer with psychological or emotional complaints, then I will look at where the core of the problems lies. It is often a combination of two elements. On the one hand things that play (or have played) a role in your life which you want to change or look into. On the other hand, frustration, pain, fatigue and stress that have often manifested themselves in your body and overall health. I prefer to tackle matters on both levels simultaneously. Very briefly, that means talking and needling. This combination generally works the fastest and with the best outcome. I will, however, continue to consult with you about where your needs lie.


Prefer to only talk?

Would you like to only talk without acupuncture treatment? This is possible as well. This  treatment is then not covered by your insurance under ‘alternative medicine.’ Feel free to contact me to make an appointment or ask about the possibilities.