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Psychology consultation



What complaints

Self-pointers allow you to come up with a variety of psychological complaints such as stress and anxiety complaints, burnout, worrying, difficulty setting boundaries and processing traumatic experiences. In the current turbulent time, it can also be nice to let off some steam and organize what is now important in dealing with the exceptional situation. Furthermore, you can also contact SelfHand with questions about life choices, relationship problems, recurring themes in your life that you want to get on with and actually all the questions that a conversation with a psychologist could be appropriate to.


More than 10 years of experience as a psychologist

I graduated in clinical and health psychology and have since worked in all kinds of settings, both online and face to face. I worked with very serious psychiatry including suicide prevention, in addiction care and also in 'lighter' settings such as the student psychologist. I wrote my thesis for the Acupuncture course on the Post- Traumatic Stress Wrath (PTSD) and have a lot of experience with clients with psychotrauma. Also, I worked a lot with burnout. My style is empathetic and understanding, and I do not shy away from the depth; I dare to look with you at deeper painful things that are there to come to the surface. You always determine the goal.


Influences from Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, which includes acupuncture, there is no separate field of psychology. According to the Chinese, body and mind are so elongated that you have to approach and treat them as one system. Thus, every organ in the body is associated with a basic emotion. For example, lungs and sadness. When you talk to me about what's going on in your life, I often look at your complaints with a broader perspective and sometimes I can point them to a deeper level. From there, solutions or insights that would otherwise be easily overlooked come from this.

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