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Online acupuncture consultation

Online acupuncture consultation


At present, due to the corona crisis, it is not possible to make face-to-face treatment appointments. In order to be able to support the health of the body and mind, I have developed a method via video calling that gets as close as possible to normal treatment at SelfHand. Normally I combine an acupuncture treatment with my experience as a psychologist and my knowledge of nutrition, herbs, supplements and other elements of Chinese medicine such as exercise theory.

Online you can also work with acupuncture points

With the loss of face to face contact, the possibility of treating with needles is also lost. Also, the wrist diagnosis is not possible. Video calling does offer the chance to make tongue diagnosis, to some extent at least. I can also learn a lot about what is going on in your body by asking questions, which I normally do during a consultation. On that basis, I can make a diagnosis. Next, I'll show you acupuncture points that you can massage yourself (acupressure) and i can give you exercises that have about the same effect as acupuncture.


Other elements of the treatment

Other elements of normal treatment at Self-Referer as described above remain in an online consultation: nutrition, supplements, herbs and psychological support. Furthermore, during this time I have extra attention for supporting and optimizing your immune system and finding peace and clarity in these turbulent times.


Reduced rate

The online treatment does not cost the normal 75 Euro for a consultation, but costs 55 Euros.