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Geertje van der Burgh


My mission is to introduce you to a combination of Eastern traditional medicine and Western medicine that relies more on science. In order to help you get rid of your complaints as best you can, we look at you as a whole and not just as an isolated complaint. Good handling is tailor-made; I'll see what you need and listen carefully to your wishes. If I can't offer what you need, I'll refer you to someone who can.  

To solve complaints properly, it may be necessary to look for a deeper cause. You are often unaware of this cause. That's why I listen carefully to what you have to say and look for where the shoe is rubbing. This doesn't mean sessions need to be heavy or emotional. The idea is that the treatment will eventually air you up and make your life easier. 


Because of my years of experience in psychology, I can add an extra dimension to dealing with complaints in addition to acupuncture. Through good listening, we can investigate the cause behind your complaints in depth. The combination of acupuncture and psychology is an important basis for effectively addressing your complaints.



As a child, I was already concerned with health, and i always did. This was reflected in completing psychology studies, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and basic medical knowledge, but also in the fact that I always focus my ears when I hear information about health. Whether this is nutrition, herbs, new research, anecdotes of people, literature or fodder for psychologists. In addition, I experimented a lot with natural cures if I had any complaints myself. I also approach the health of my animals as much as possible naturally.

As a result, I have a lot of insight into what can work, but also in how a process of being sick and getting better works. I know sometimes it's a long-term thing. And that subtle solutions are often enough. I also know that every human being is different and therefore needs something else. I also learn a lot from clients. From what they tell me and how their bodies react. Furthermore, I follow continuous further training and further training and I always continue to deepen my consciousness. 


Do you have any questions or do you want to know how you can work on your health? Please get in touch for a free introduction.