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Experiences with Zelfwijzer acupuncture and pscyhology



'Geertje takes the time for you, asks concrete questions and is careful in her actions. Among other things during treatment, she keeps in touch to see if things are going well, but also gives the space to undergo treatment at rest.

She also gives clear advice after treatment, such as taking peace because a lot is happening in your body. After treatment, my fatigue is usually less for a while, also my menstrual symptoms have decreased sharply. In addition, I'd better keep an eye on my limits or see better what the situations in my life affect my fatigue or mood. This would make me better take my rest or let things go. This is partly due to the combination of talking and pricking, Geertje knows how to connect things clearly (between internal physical reactions and the situations you encounter in life). In short, I like to continue the treatment for a while. I think a lot of people can benefit from treatment, precisely through the combination of talking and pricking, it helps balance your emotional life with your daily life.

Especially with menstrual symptoms I would recommend treatment, because it really saves me a lot in pain.'



The qualities of Geertje van der Burgh actually start before the process begins. Because immediately during the intake you notice her qualities as a psychologist. And also during the rest of the process, it is her pooling of qualities and knowledge that makes her so special and different from other therapists. In doing so, Geertje embodies the opposite of the mechanistic vision of body and mind that we know from mainstream care. And which in some cases falls short, causing us to swerve or find a supplement to someone who can take into account the whole picture, where in many, if not everything, we relate to each other.

Sometimes you need someone who can take into account multiple elements at once, with soul, mind and body. Who has made a study of this and combines it with his own experience to give a balanced advice. Even in therapists country, it is not easy to find someone like this, because therapists are often specialists again. Geertje also has a specialty, the acupuncture, but she combines it with all kinds of other knowledge and skills that together in practice, her practice, turn out surprisingly well, I noticed first hand, so That I can recommend it wholeheartedly.