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The Acupuncture Treatment

How a treatment works:

As explained under “how acupuncture works, ” acupuncture is the adjustment of the energy that flows through the various meridians in the body. Because in every person the energy is distributed differently among the meridians, there is no standard protocol for the treatment of your ailment. The treatment is always specially tailored to you.

First consultation

A first consultation always starts with an extensive interview. Your complaints are mapped and attention is also paid to apparent side issues, such as sleep rhythm and digestion. This information is very useful in Chinese medicine to get a complete picture of your health. We approach a patient’s condition(s) holistically; your entire system is affected, not just an isolated part of the body. After the interview, I feel your pulse and look at your tongue, two important pillars of Chinese diagnostics. I not only focus on the body but also on your story: what is going on in your life? If necessary, we will look into diet, nutritional supplements/herbs, and medication(s).

During the first consultation I will give you an estimate of the amount of sessions that are required.

Placing acupuncture needles

After the diagnosis is made, acupuncture treatment begins. I apply needles to various areas of the body. These needles remain in place for about 20 minutes. During this time I will sometimes feel your pulse, and possibly stimulate the needles again. People often get into a deep rest during treatment. It is possible that emotions are released. When I notice that the balance in the meridians has been restored, the needles are removed. You will, of course, have the time to “wake up” at a reasonable pace.

I often get the question if the needles hurt. This is generally not too bad at all.

Acupuncture needles cannot be compared with the needles in the medical practice which are used for blood sampling, for example. Most people say that they hardly feel any pain from needling.

Frequency of acupuncture treatments

At the start of a treatment process, it is often necessary to repeat the treatment weekly or every other week. After that, the change in your body becomes more permanent and the treatment frequency can be lowered. Along 

the way, we will always discuss together whether the treatments are having the desired effect. As a rule, a positive effect must be noticed within three sessions. Patients often notice improvement even after the first session. 


If you want to know more about acupuncture, feel free to book an appointment for a first consultation. Or do you have a question before you make an appointment for a first consult? Let me know. I’m more than happy to help you on your quest to better health!