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Acupuncture preventive

Preventive treatment


Even if you don't have any complaints about your physical or mental health, acupuncture can be a good idea. It can help you maintain your energy and prevent complaints.


Stimulating zefhelend power

Acupuncture assumes that the energy in your body runs through energy pathways, the so-called meridians. In an optimal situation, the energy is evenly distributed between these meridians. In daily practice, however, there is always a (slight) imbalance, which puts your body under extra pressure and cannot function optimally. This can give symptoms that you can notice physically or psychologically. Even if this does not cause complaints, it is still incriminating for your system. Acupuncture ensures that the balance of energy in the meridians is restored even before complaints arise. Acupuncture also ensures deep relaxation, which stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body. Your body is, as it were, reminded of the optimal situation and can then set it in motion itself.


Prepare the seasonal changes

In the Netherlands we know strong differences between the seasons. In summer, for example, it can be quite hot and in winter it is often dark, windy, humid and cold. Acupuncture can support your body in adapting to those ever-changing conditions. This can often prevent you from experiencing winter flu, colds or severe fatigue in winter. The right supplements and herbs can also be supportive. I can help you with this in a consultation. In spring, when nature almost shows tremendous growth and expansion out of nowhere, your body tends to generate a lot of energy and dexterity as well. The tendency can then be to suddenly be very active and little to sleep. Acupuncture can ensure that you don't get off to your powder too quickly and so prepare to face the hot summer and windy wet autumn. This makes you a lot less susceptible to complaints and diseases and to exhaustion in general.


Stressful periods

In stressful, sad or challenging periods, acupuncture can give you a regular boost, allowing you to cope with the extra load. This way you can avoid burnout-like symptoms, as well as exhaustion or gloom.


Important choices

Even when you have to make important choices in your life, you can contact Self-Pointer. With acupuncture, I put your body in optimal condition to feel good about what you do well, and in the meantime there is room to talk extensively about what you're doing, which can also help organize your thoughts and feel what you want.

Are you interested in a preventive consultation? Please contact me by email or phone, or book an appointment online.