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Good maintenance ensures optimuM health

If you do not have health problems, it may still be a good idea to undergo periodic treatments. In Chinese medicine it is assumed that health problems are an advanced stage of imbalance. Even before your symptoms start, the balance in the body is already disturbed. You often do not notice this yourself, because there are no obvious signs yet. However an acupuncturist can already discern the imbalance by asking questions, looking at the wrist and the tongue, and by making other observations. Adjustments can then be employed in a timely manner, preventing future problems.

The weakening of lung energy in the fall due to wind, cold, and humidity can lead to a cold or the flu in the winter. In the spring it is often a factor in the development of hay fever. That is why it can be good to make adjustments in the fall, so that winter and spring can be traversed more easily.

Treatment to get through an intensive life phase:

Sometimes you go through a phase in life which requires a lot from you. This can be physical (for example, switching jobs or a move), emotional (eg: the loss of someone who was important to you), or mental (eg: undergoing an intense period of study). In such a period it may be good to be supported by acupuncture. This can help you get through the difficult phase without developing health problems.

For example, a lot of spleen energy is required when studying. When the spleen energy decreases, this has consequences for the digestion. One may experience problems with the intestines or weight gain. Fatigue is also common.

With treatment from time to time, these effects can be greatly reduced or even prevented.


During “maintenance consultations,” in addition to acupuncture, it is also possible to look at what the best nutrition is to support your system at a certain moment. In Chinese medicine, every season, every imbalance, and every event in life has a different optimal diet. Eating well offers a strong supportive effect on maintaining a healthy body,

and regular consultations on nutrition can help you to stay healthy.


Do you want to keep your body in the best possible condition and avoid complaints? Contact us about the possibilities for preventive acupuncture