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Acupuncture in children

Acupuncture in children


Nothing is as nasty as seeing your child struggling with illness, pain or discomfort. The first step is usually to go to the GP with your child to rule out serious matters and easily remedy things. However, if your child does not benefit sufficiently, complaints can continue. Acupuncture can then provide a solution because it looks beyond what is known regularly about health.

Acupuncture is very suitable for children

Acupuncture is particularly suitable for children. In children, energy management is fast. Children therefore react quickly and well to treatment. Acupuncture can be used in children for the same complaints as in adults. Children are more likely than adults to experience acute illness, fever, pressure and digestive symptoms. Children are easily 'high' in their energy, allowing them to 'bounce', sleep poorly or feel insecure or anxious. And because their digestive system is neither seasoned as it is in adults, they have easy difficulty digesting (sumsome) food. Problems with digestion are easily expressed in the skin (e.g. eczema), the airways (snotness), in abdominal pain or problems with the stool. Children are also asked a lot in our society.

Children can easily start 'bouncing' or get problems with digestion.

Long days with school, homework, shelter and clubs are not equally manageable for all children. Fatigue, blue circles around the eyes, moodiness and hyper-behavior can then occur. Here too there is more balance to be done with acupuncture. Even with ADHD, there is often a lot of improvement to achieve with acupuncture and conscioushandling nutrition.


Supplements and nutrition

In children, it may be necessary and helpful to also look at diet and supplements. For this I have an eye in the treatment. As a result, a treatment is more than just acupuncture. I take the whole picture, including the emotions and the child's experience.


Attention to the child's story and complaints

Children who suffer from complaints often like it when they are well asked for in the session. They also gain insight into the links between their complaints and their bodies and behaviour. It can help them feel better what works and doesn't work for them. 

Kids and needles?

Many children are wary of needles. Fortunately, there are good solutions for this. For example, you can treat a child with sticky needles, which are so small that they are barely felt. Kids often like it, because it looks like a stick or plaster. The effect is as good as with a regular acupuncture needle. This is because children are still so sensitive and therefore have enough of such a sticky needle. In addition, these needles can stay longer, which also keeps the effect a little longer. There are also children who have no trouble with (thin, shorter) needles. I take care of how the child feels and I don't force anything. By stimulating the child's curiosity, it is always possible to treat the child.



An initial treatment of a child lasts as long as an initial treatment of an adult and therefore costs 75 Euro. Follow-up treatments of a child are shorter, as a child is shorter on the treatment bench. Therefore, a follow-up consultation for a child (30-40 minutes) takes 55 Euros.



Feel free to contact me if you're wondering if acupuncture makes sense in your child's complaints.