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Stomach and intestinal complaints


Intestinal and stomach upset can have a significant impact on your life. It's hard to be cheerful when your belly hurts. It's hard to feel fit if your body can't turn your food into energy properly. It's also hard to keep taking into account what you eat, because some things fall completely wrong. And sometimes intestinal problems are so severe that they turn your life upside down.

Acupuncture in case of gastrointestinal complaints

There are many types of digestive complaints. The causes of these complaints are not always where you expect them. In acupuncture, the body as a whole is always mapped. It also looks at all emotional factors and environmental factors, and your diet. As a result, it is often possible to find causes that are overlooked in mainstream medicine. With acupuncture, these causes can be affected. Because of my great knowledge of nutrition and my experience as a psychologist, I can approach your complaint in three ways at once. Food plays a big role in many people, of course.  The psychological aspect can also be great. Sometimes the deepest causes are not physical, but they are hidden in life choices that need to be adjusted, or old pain that arises. And often multiple factors play at once. By having an eye for all these levels, I can often handle gastrointestinal complaints well. It is important to also have medical research done with these types of complaints, in order to exclude serious causes. For this, it is best to visit your GP.

Some known gastrointestinal symptoms That I treat are the following;

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)) is a painful complaint with various causes, which are sometimes difficult to detect. Symptoms include pain, gas formation and diarrhea that is sometimes interspersed by constipation. IBS can cause a lot of misery and the pain can be severe. It can make it difficult to function properly and certainly to feel good. Gas formation can be very annoying, especially if you're among the people. Complaints are often exacerbated by tension and negative emotions. Sometimes your diet plays a clear role, sometimes nutrition has little influence. Acupuncture is effective in irritable bowel syndrome because it is able to get the overstimulated nerves and local cramping 'out of the knot'. The underlying condition of the body is also improved, which means that there is more buffer and the intestines are less likely to fall into the cramp. Furthermore, Chinese nutrition is a good addition; knowing which food is calming and which food actually causes cramping, a lot of care.

Dietary intolerances

Without being able to speak of a real allergy, you can still notice that certain foods cause complaints. Sometimes these are cramps, diarrhea, constipation or pain. And sometimes the symptoms are even more difficult to relate to the intestines, such as skin problems, facial swellingors or mood swings. Some people need to avoid a lot of nutrition to avoid complaints. Other people don't know what to do with food and where the complaints come from. Meanwhile, complaints can be severe and cause a lot of discomfort. The cause of the intolerances does not always lie with the intestines. Sometimes other organs are involved. Acupuncture refers to the 'digestion fire'. If that's not hot enough, the food doesn't burn properly either. This can cause all kinds of problems, including intolerances.  Acupuncture can amplify this digestion fire, often reducing or disappearing intolerances.

Crohn's disease and collitis ulcerosa

There may also be inflammation of the intestinal wall, as in Crohn's disease and Collitis Ulcerosa. These are difficult to manage conditions that can be very serious. In mainstream medicine, anti-inflammatory medication is mainly used. Acupuncture can add a lot to this because it can take the heat out of the ignitions. As a result, complaints usually decrease and in some cases they disappear in the whole.

Stomach upset

Heartburn is a well-known problem for many people. Also, the stomach wall can become irritated and hurt. This can even add up to an ulcer. Sometimes the stomach just hurts without it being clear what's going on. And sometimes there is an insatiable hunger for no apparent reason. Or there is often nausea, sometimes vomiting. The causes of these complaints can be very different. Sometimes they have to deal with the stomach itself, sometimes a different organ plays a role, such as the liver. Sometimes there is too cold nutrition in the game, or just too spicy or spicy food. And sometimes it has emotional causes (like when you're in your stomach somewhere). In all these complaints, acupuncture can help, in combination with nutritional learning and psychology.