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Tinnitus is a phenomenon where you hear a sound in one or both ears that is not really there. The most famous is a beep in your ears, but it can also be a flute, a hum, a suis or a buzz. It may have arisen gradually or suddenly. Tinnitus can be incredibly annoying. It can make it hard to get to sleep. This can lead to sleep deprivation and fatigue, which can make the situation feel even more hopeless. You may not tolerate places with a lot of sound, or that you want to avoid quiet spots because the tone of tinnitus becomes even more intrusive. There is often a sense of powerlessness over the sound and this can be difficult to deal with. It can also give a lot of stress because you are going to worry about the future; Can I live with this? It occurs that people of tinnitus become anxious or gloomy, especially in the beginning. Even suicidal thoughts occur. It may also be that you can tolerate the sound reasonably well, but would still like to get rid of it.

Regularly there are treatments for tinnitus, but in many cases they go about learning to deal with the sound. People are often told that there is no physical improvement feasible. This can contribute to the desperate feelings.

Acupuncture often effective in tinnitus

Medically, all kinds of causes of tinnitus are distinguished, including exposure to loud noise, old age, an accident (physical trauma) or an infection. Acupuncture also looks chinese at causes of tinnitus. Tinnitus is linked to processes elsewhere in the body (e.g. the liver and gallbladder). Often there is a lot of unrest in the body and this unrest also rises to the head. With acupuncture, it is often possible to restore calm. Often the complaint does not suddenly disappear, but several sessions are needed. With each client, the cause is different and the treatment (and duration of treatment) is therefore also different. With acupuncture, tinnitus can be remedied or improved in many cases. And when the sound cannot be removed, the body can be supported, for example in relaxation and sleep. This makes you feel calmer.

Psychological expertise

As a psychologist, I worked a lot with tinnitus. As a result, I know the emotional and practical aspects of the complaint. Especially in the beginning you can experience a lot of tension. This tension can cause the sound to worsen again. Because I've seen tinnitus in practice a lot, I can guide you well in the process of redirecting your life after you've had to deal with tinnitus.


Are you curious what acupuncture can mean for you in tinnitus? Let me know. I'd like to tell you more about it. Do you have another question or do you want to make an appointment immediately? Please get in touch.