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Acupuncture at Stress


In modern Western society, stress is part of everyday life. You don't need any major special events to experience stress. Every day brings things that are alarming to your body and mind, such as participation in traffic, disturbing media news, noise machines or worries around money or combining caring tasks and work. The high pace at which we do things nowadays also requires a lot from us. This allows you to notice that when you get home, you have to unrush. Or you feel your head is full. Or that it takes you quite a long time before you can sleep. Or that you're peaking or things are too much.

If you're under increased stress for a long time, you can get exhaustion symptoms. Burnout may then lurk, but all kinds of physical complaints can also arise from a permanent state of light stress. When the body does not relax regularly, the flow of energy in the body is obstructed. This can cause a imbalance in the energy distribution in the body, and from here complaints can arise.


Acupuncture prevents complaints

An acupuncture treatment ensures deep relaxation in your body. This allows the energy to flow freely and blockages are lifted. What is out of balance is adjusted by the acupuncture before it can lead to complaints. The peace returns. Your body is, as it were, reminded of self-healing power and then corrects the imbalance yourself.

In a treatment, attention is also paid to the causes of stress. Sometimes they are inevitable, but sometimes there are ways to reduce the stress. This can sit in practical solutions, but also in other ways of dealing with the stress. Thinking differently, communicating differently, interacting differently with your emotions, with everyone it is different and usually the situation is improving.

Whether you experience a lot of stress and want to reduce it, or you want to prevent illness, a session can help you relax and get back on track.