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Acupuncture in overweight and losing weight

Overweight and losing weight


Obesity is a growing problem in the Netherlands. In 2018, more than half of adult Dutch people were overweight. Being overweight is something that can sneak into it over the years. Often you don't even notice because it goes with a few kilos a year. Until you want to put on a slightly older garment and wonder why it's not that nice anymore.

Obesity can also occur very quickly. For example, with burnout, after pregnancy or after a very busy or intensive period. Often you try to get rid of the kilos again, and this can sometimes prove very difficult. A lot of people keep yo-yoing. They quickly see results as snow disappears before the sun. Whether they line a time and then notice that they can't last because the diet is so strict that it leads to bingeeating, resulting in feelings of guilt afterwards. Many people exercise quite intensively, and still face too many kilos.

Sports often helps inadequately and diets often only work temporarily

All in all, it can be quite frustrating. It can also negatively affect your self-confidence when you are heavier than you would like to be.


Overweight in Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, obesity is thoroughly looked at the functioning of the whole body, with a featured role for the energy of the spleen. The spleen is responsible in Chinese leather for converting food into usable energy for the body. When the spleen cannot function optimally, food will be stored more quickly in the body as fat. There will also be more moisture retention and you will have less energy. When you're tired, you'll automatically move less, which then contributes to fat storage and the loss of muscle mass. The energy your muscles have at their disposal also depends on the spleen. This even depends on the condition of the spleen.

In acupuncture, the spleen plays an important role in metabolism and with it your weight

With acupuncture, the energy of the spleen can be positively affected. This is done through needles, possibly with moxa (the insertion of heat into the meridians), but also through the thorough examination of the deeper causes of obesity. They vary by person. Nutrition usually plays a big role, but this doesn't always have to be the case. For example, thyroid problems can be played that reduce the influence of nutrition than you would expect.

It's not always about nutrition

But very often nutrition plays a crucial role. Which nutrition works well is very personal. As well as the optimal number of meals, the best times to eat, and the combinations of foods. This is attention to in the sessions. Furthermore, emotional factors can play a role, as can tasks (so much study ing or doing a lot of thought can deplete the spleen), sleep behavior and also movement. For exercise, the same applies as for nutrition: it is different per person which is a healthy amount of exercise or sport.


Tackling over-control at a number of levels at a time 

If you sign up at Self-Pointer with the desire to lose weight, I look at what's going on in your body that means you're holding too much weight now. Next, you get a personal treatment plan that consists of a number of levels: optimizing the energy balance in your body with acupuncture, personal nutritional advice based on feasibility and pleasure in eating, and beyond what is needed in your Case. That can include herbs, supplements, movement advice or attention to what's going on in your life and your emotional life. This always goes into good consultation, because you decide where you stand and what you are willing to adapt.


No crash diet


There are no super-fast ways to get your body back in shape. There are fairly fast manners, but it remains that your body needs time to adapt. For example, the skin needs time to move with weight loss. And your digestion can't switch very quickly either. Losing weight goes with patience, softness and reasonableness.

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