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Acupuncture in menstrual symptoms

Menstrual symptoms

About 70 percent of women say they suffer from emotional complaints before and during menstruation. About 85 percent report menstrual cramps. Some women have a very irregular cycle or menstruating too long and too violent. Interim blood loss also occurs, as is fatigue before or during menstruation. Some women feel compelled to use hormonal contraception to keep their periods in check, when they don't really want to.

Menstrual symptoms can be very annoying. Some women may not work in the first few days or need pain relief. This is a monthly recurring downer they can't control. Also very well known is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), in which women can be irritable, tired, gloomy, cryy or bohemian prior to menstruation.

In the case of menstrual problems, it is necessary first of all to exclude serious medical causes. This starts with the general practitioner. This is particularly important not to postpone complaints from the planting organs.

When you know that your menstrual symptoms do not have a serious medical cause, or when medical causes have been seen but you have not yet found a solution enough, acupuncture can provide a solution. In acupuncture there is a lot of knowledge of the various causes of disturbed menstruation. These causes are not known in Western medicine. There is often a lot to do about it, even if you have been told that there is nothing medically to do about it. You can also notice that when you are treated for menstrual problems, other health problems also decrease and your energy level increases.

Often the menstrual symptoms are in fact symptom of a deeper problem.

When you work with acupuncture on this, complaints can decrease more and more and eventually even disappear. Sometimes dietary supplements also play a role in this.