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Acupuncture in insomnia

Sleep problems or insomnia


When you don't sleep well, it affects everything in your life. It affects, among other things, your energy during the day, your ability to recover, your immune system, your memory, your mood and mood and your ability to concentrate.


Sleep problems affect everything in your life

The importance of a good night's sleep is sometimes underestimated. There is a lot of attention nowadays for diet and exercise, but the non-doing, the resting and the good sleep are less discussed. Whereas in Chinese medicine not-doing is seen as at least as important as doing.


Insomnia is common

The importance of sleep is therefore little discussed. This, while about three million Dutch people indicate that they have problems sleeping. About 40% of them suffer from this in daily functioning.


Forms of insomnia

There are several forms of insomnia. Some people have trouble falling asleep, others wake up during the night (several times), and others wake up too early. Also, there are people who have nightmares, never get into the deep sleep phase, or who, for example, sleepwalk or bed wetting. Some people sweat profusely during sleep and wake up as a result. Also, there are people who sleep well as soon as they lie down, but who have a lot of trouble getting to bed on time.

Causes of insomnia

There are all kinds of causes of insomnia. One of the most famous is the continuing to worry, which makes it difficult to sleep. Other forms of restlessness, such as restless legs or palpitations, can also make it difficult to fall asleep. Pain is also a known cause of poor sleep. Other causes may include a disruption of your day and night rhythm due to, for example, changing shifts or jet lag, late meals at night, or anxiety symptoms. Psychological symptoms affect sleep quite quickly anyway. For example, people with depressive symptoms often wake up too early in the morning and people with PTSD symptoms often suffer from nightmares.


Acupuncture and sleep problems

In acupuncture, sleep problems are looked at in the context of the distribution of energy in the body. Chinese seen sleep belongs to the yin, which represents the quiet and inactive, while the day represents the yang; awake and active time. When there is a disturbance between these two types of energy, you quickly see sleep disturbances. With acupuncture it is possible to dampen an excess of active yang energy, so that in the evening there is enough rest to sleep well. In Chinese medicine there are all kinds of possible causes of poor sleep. It also differs from person to person what the approach is. Sometimes there are also things like nutrition, vitamins, herbs and lifestyle. And sometimes mental health issues play a role and need to be looked at. In one, sleep problems are solved with a few sessions, the other is deeper and requires more time or effort. If you report to Self-Guide with sleep problems, we will look for what you need to sleep better and we will adapt the treatment plan to your wishes. The treatments will also help you understand what works for you to sleep well, and what doesn't.