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Acupuncture in case of headache and migraine

Headache and migraine

Headache problems can make your day very heavy. Headaches can even be so penetrating that you can't function and you have to report sick, or that you're awake from it. Some people don't even get the symptoms under control with pain relief. And for other people, it's mostly annoying headaches.

The pain can also vary greatly per person. It can go from nagging, thumping to stinging and the location can also differ. The pain can feel like a tire around the head, or be sharply present on one side of the head. Some headaches are present in the background for a long time and other headaches quickly occur and also leave relatively quickly.

Excluding medical causes

Headaches can have all kinds of causes. Sometimes there is something medical going on, such as inflammation in the forehead cavity, wrong medication or worse. It is important to exclude medical causes first. If something serious is going on, timely investigation and intervention is necessary.


If no direct medical cause has been found, or if there is, but the symptoms are not under control, then acupuncture can provide solace. In Chinese medicine, all kinds of causes are distinguished from headaches. For example, there may be a sense of heat rising to the head because the energy cannot flow freely. Whether there is an energy shortage and from there a nagging pain arises. Or the headache is a remnant of a viral infection and doesn't want to leave. It may also be that the food must be used. And sometimes the lifestyle is no longer (anymore) appropriate, for example when a very busy job doesn't really suit you so well anymore.


Migraine is a complaint that we treat a lot in acupuncture. In migraine, the pain is sharp and often causes nausea or dizziness. The pain can sometimes last for days, sometimes difficult to tolerate light. Migraine sometimes hangs in the face of the menstrual cycle, or with stress or food.  

If you report to Self-Hand with a headache and/or migraine, we will look for the cause of your symptoms. These causes are very different per person. The prognosis in case of headaches is often good with acupuncture treatment. However, a number of treatments are needed, often minimal. 5.

Wondering if your headache can be treated with acupuncture? Please contact me without obligation.