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Acupuncture in hay fever

Hay fever

More and more people are suffering from hay fever. Hay fever is an hypersensitivity reaction to pollen issued by plants and spread by the wind. When coming into contact with this pollen, people may get irritation from the mucous membranes of nose and airways. This, for example, results in sneezing, snoting and tickling. You can also get red tranerige eyes. Because your immune system works like there's an intruder, it takes energy and can make you feel tired and miserable. If hay fever symptoms are severe, especially spring and early summer can be periods you're going to see against.



Acupuncture in hay fever

Acupuncture turns out to be effective in reducing hay fever symptoms (1). Acute symptoms of hay fever can be relieved with it. What works even better, however, is to start balancing the immune system and the energy of the airways as early as autumn or winter. It can also sometimes help to make adjustments in the hay fever season in terms of nutrition. When you sign up on time, you can often pre-season the hay fever season. And when the complaints are already in full swing, they are often also well addressed.

It is best to start preventing hay fever as early as autumn or winter.


The treatment

The treatment of hay fever is usually a combination of points on hands, arms, legs and feet, and points on the head or in the face. The needles used are quite thin; it's just about managing the energy so that the body 'understands' that an immune response is not necessary. With an average of about five to six treatments, the effect is usually optimal. Often the complaints stay away from the season. Sometimes some 'refresher sessions' are needed in the spring.





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