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Acupuncture in grief, loss and bereavement

Acupuncture in grief, loss and bereavement


Support in processing, for example, the death of a loved one, a break-up, heartbreak, loss of a job or business or a body function, or other loss experiences.


Loss is part of life, but it does hurt 

Everyone in his life experiences moments when people or things that were particularly dear. This is very clear when, for example, a partner, child over parent dies. This often initially gives you a shock, where you are occupied by the practical side of the changed situation. After some time, the rule phase is usually over, and you come to face the new reality, in which something very important has disappeared, and nothing new has yet come in its place. This also applies to other types of losses such as heartbreak, having to quit a career, business or job, deterioration of your health or even for example the death of a pet or close friend. Sometimes you might think you shouldn't be so sad about the loss. That you should be over it by now. But it's about feeling it, not whether it's considered 'normal' according to your environment, yourself or society. 

Your gut indicates what the loss is like for you. This is separate from whether you think you can feel that way, or what your surroundings feel about it. 


It's not just about grief 

Losing a loved one or something precious is obviously accompanied by grief. It is also normal that other feelings may come along, such as anger, frustration, fear, uncertainty, confusion and steeringlessness (not yet having a new purpose). Often there are also moments of denial (not yet able to accept what has happened) and gloom (up to depression). All this is normal in itself. It often only becomes a problem when it becomes difficult to continue functioning, or when it persists for so long that the processing process seems to be stagnating. The latter can be done, for example, when someone becomes so gloomy that there is no longer a will to look for a new interpretation of life.


The body also reacts; physical complaints can be part of it 

You may also experience physical complaints in the processing process, such as stomach problems (e.g. ulcer, nausea, lack of appetite), skin complaints (itching, rash, dryness), lung complaints (e.g. more allergic symptoms, shortness of breath or a painful feeling in the airways) or all kinds of abdominal pain. Or your immune system weakens, making you susceptible to flu, for example. These are often expressions of 'not wanting to swallow, not wanting to digest or not wanting to let go'. Here you can see how deep psychological pain can bite into the body.


Treatment at Self-Wiser

When you report to Self-Wiser with such a loss experience, we look together at where you are in your processing process and how you can best be supported. This will always be a combination of talking about what is going on and what you feel in it, and on the other hand using acupuncture to help your body 'pass' certain painful parts of the grief. Finally swallowing something, accepting, digesting, finally daring to let go without forgetting. We support your body to turn the pain of saying goodbye into the pleasurable sense of appreciation of what has been, where the pain may be felt, so that it can then become less sharp step by step, allowing you to look forward again. All this with respect for the fact that everything that was dear deserves time to be processed, while at the same time taking into account that it must be bearable and workable for you.

Processing doesn't mean you have to forget


To get rid of it for a while

In painful bereavement processes, it is almost standard that it takes a long time to get used to the loss and accept it. It just keeps hurting. Often you feel the need to talk about how painful it is for a long time, but you don't want to tell your surroundings the same sad story over and over again. In the sessions at Self-Hand, you have the space to keep saying things repeatedly, because that's part of the process you're in.



In Chinese medicine, in grief and farewell, one organ is the most prominent, and those are the lungs. The lungs are also associated by the Chinese with autumn, the season in which nature takes stock: what is taken into the new year, and what do we say goodbye to? Trees drop their leaves so that this can again be part of the cycle. Many animals retreat and turn their attention inside, to come out again in the spring with energy and inspiration for a whole new year. When you face a grieving process, it takes a lot of effort from your lungs. You too are busy letting go of something and determining what you do bring into your life, and what you dare to leave behind. This appeals to your lungs. When you cry, you feel your lungs. Those who are in a lot of pain often notice a hoarse voice, or have difficulty breathing deeply. The acupuncture offers opportunities to support and relax the lungs in this process. This reduces the chance of gloom, 'paralyzing' and lingering and helps to make the most of the process of being able to look ahead and look forward.


Feel free to report 

Do you doubt whether your story fits with self-wise treatment? Feel free to sign up by calling or emailing, or booking an introductory meeting. So we can see together what you need and what I can offer in it.